The District maintains a fleet of seven response vehicles.  Each of these vehicles is unique in it’s response mission and capabilities.

2019 Ford F350

This vehicle is designated for use by the Chief of Department.  The vehicle is equipped with command accessories which assist the Chief in managing incidents.  Often times you will see the Chief operating from the tailgate of the vehicle.  This is where the command board is located along with communications equipment.  At this location the Chief can track resources, plan for the incident, and provides room for other officers to meet during the incident.

2005 American LaFrance Metropolitan Pumper

The pumper is the front line piece of apparatus utilized by the District for fire suppression activities.  The District maintains two identical units, one of which was partially funded through the Mount Holly Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ).  Each engine is equipped with a 1500 gpm Waterous pump and a 900 gallon tank. The engine is outfitted with an onboard generator which operates various electrically powered devices carried on the engine as well as the high output floodlights which are mounted on the truck.  A large compliment of hand tools, hoses of various diameters, ladders, and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) complete the cache of equipment carried on the truck to assist the firefighters in their duties.

2000 American LaFrance Tiller

This aerial apparatus is unique in the fact that it requires two drivers to operate the truck.  One operator steers and powers the truck from the front driver’s seat while the other has the primary responsibility of steering the trailer.  This truck has a 105 foot ladder mounted to the trailer and is used in providing elevated support to suppression and rescue operations.  This truck does not have a water tank nor does it have a pump.  The equipment compliment surpasses that of the engine with the vast array of ground ladders which vary in size from 8 feet to 40 feet.  The truck also carries various saws and power equipment which support the ventilation and rescue operations.

2002 Ford Fouts Brothers Brush Unit

This truck is a four wheel drive truck with a skid mounted tank and pump.  The primary mission of this truck is suppression of brush, grass, and rubbish fires.  In the Township of Mount Holly there are several areas which larger engines cannot access.  Even though the brush unit only carries 200 gallons of water, it is highly effective in reaching deep seated fires and quickly applying water to extinguish the flames.  This unit often responds in tandem with an engine that may be utlilized to continually fill the smaller water tank of the brush unit. This unit is also a specialized truck which is called throughout Burlington County to assist other municipalities with wildfire suppression.

2014 Ford F450 Utility Truck

This is a four wheel drive truck outfitted for various response operations. The primary mission of this unit is incident support and hazard mitigation. The vehicle may be used in flooding conditions for pump outs, provide scene lighting for incident scenes, assist in the removal of downed trees, provide traffic support, supply power via emergency generators, and provide snow removal and salting of District owned properties and during incident response